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For energy

Superfoods blend rich in plant based protein and minerals for energy boost.

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30 servings | 250 g pack

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About the blend

This product aims to ensure that during an active day, our body is supplied with protein, antioxidants and minerals which have energy boosting properties. This mixture will enrich your yogurts, porridges, or just a glass of milk with a chocolatey and cinnamon taste.

Why you will love it

The base of this blend is hemp seeds protein that are rich in fiber and Omega 3 fatty acids. Protein is important for our energy levels, feeling of satiety and muscles.

Blend is rich in minerals like iron, that reduces tiredness and contributes to normal cognitive function, and potassium, that helps with muscle recovery after an active day. Maca and cacao powder helps to boost our energy and ceylon cinnamon reduces sugar cravings.

Ingredients and nutritional value

Hemp protein, banana powder, cocoa powder, maca powder, ceylon cinnamon. 

(May contain traces of nuts and celery)

Nutritional value

How to use it?

This blend tastes like chocolate and cinnamon, so it can be easily incorporated into your routine by adding it to porridge, yoghurt, smoothie or just mixing it with plant-based milk. 

We recommend to take at least 1 tablespoon  (12-15g) per day.


Ratings & Reviews

Our team has created professional products from 100% plant based natural ingredients in order to help you stay healthy.

21 reviews for For energy

  1. Rufina

    I really liked the Gut Bliss and Energy blends. My intestinal function has settled down and the first positive results appeared after the first week. Today I no longer have the blend (but I plan to buy it again) and the funny thing is that there is an effect anyway, so I dare to think that taking the formula has a long-lasting positive effect on the body. Which is what makes me the happiest :). Also, the flavours of the mixes are great, they blend well, there is no unpleasant aftertaste, both when mixed with water and in a smoothie.
    As for the energy mix, maybe it’s a coincidence, maybe it’s not, but the first time I drank it (admittedly, it was around 7pm), I felt energetic and very positive until midnight. I never drank that late again :). I’m a cinnamon lover, so this mix is almost like a dessert for me.
    I haven’t tried the other mixes yet, but when I do, I’ll be able to share my impressions :).

  2. Justina

    I decided to try it because I was intrigued by the advertising on social media 🙂 and I haven’t regretted it. I bought the energy blend, it’s very tasty, I make a smoothie every day: plant milk, banana and the blend. It’s like a dessert 🙂 thank you for creating and sharing your knowledge. Next purchases will be blends for skin and gut 😉

  3. Monika

    I was looking for a more natural, user-friendly supplement that would help my metabolism return to normal. I chose For Gut Bliss and For Energy.
    After a week, I was pleasantly surprised – my bloating and heaviness after meals were gone and I was having regular bowel movements! I feel more invigorated and calmer.
    I take For Gut Bliss with water in the morning, before breakfast, and For Energy in smoothies with fruit – the best dessert and snack.
    I am satisfied and I will definitely order more because I feel the positive effects.
    Thank you for creating!

  4. Guoda

    Using the blends has been going great! Your instagram account, which I follow, is a great help and has a lot of really useful information to help me incorporate the blends into my diet as much as possible, in different forms 🙂
    Gut Bliss blend in the morning, then oatmeal with the Energy blend. Sometimes I also make a smoothie after the gym with plant milk, frozen banana, nut butter and Energy blend. I usually drink the blend for skin during the day just mixed with water. I’ve only used the immunity blend once so far, but I made a Turmeric Latte (recipe also from your instagram account), and will probably use it more often as the weather gets colder.
    DailySpoon has naturally become a part of my daily food routine.

  5. Aurelija

    The blends are very easy to add to the daily menu because they are delicious and really perfect for smoothies. Since I was critically deficient in potassium and felt tired, it now seems that my energy supply has completely recovered – precisely because of the energy blend.
    Blends for skin and gut are also perfect, as you feel the difference already after a couple of smoothies, that the body cleanses and thanks for taking care of it.

  6. Renata

    I am very glad to have discovered you! I can’t imagine my day without blends for gut and energy!

  7. Aiste

    A divinely delicious aftertaste! 🤤 I am also pleased that the vision of the packaging is based on sustainability and the communication with the customers is very warm, professional and lively.

  8. Kristina

    An energy blend is a great replacement for a morning cup of coffee! ☕️ o blend for beauty (for Skin Glow) – still a favorite! ❤️

  9. Rasa

    I finally found a great protein powder. I really like the taste of cocoa, I use it with porridge, smoothies, and yogurt. I especially like that after that I no longer want any sugar, which helped to reduce sweets 🙂

  10. Lina

    I finally found something to replace coffee! I drink a smoothie after lunch as a dessert and have enough energy until the end of the work 🙂

  11. Amelija

    Amazing ingredients, I really like that everything is natural, and the taste is super anyway. The effect is also great!

  12. Asta

    As soon as I tried to give up coffee and received this powder as a gift, it really helped not to drink a second cup of coffee. I will try others because I really liked the simple ingredients.

  13. Very delicious

    I really like the taste! I always use it in the morning with porridge. I noticed that I also feel fuller.

  14. Sandra

    I am very happy with the taste of the blend! As was in the description, it really reduced the need for sugar and became a great alternative to a snack.

  15. Mantas

    A wonderful chocolate flavored blend. After workouts I feel like I have a stable energy level until lunch.

  16. Great protein powder

    I finally found a better alternative to chemical flavored protein powder. These have a natural sweet taste and great components. I’m very satisfied!

  17. Asta

    Super chocolate smoothies could be made with this blend and it’s great for raising energy levels after lunch.

  18. Rugilė

    After changing my porridge to recipes from a smoothies guide and with this blend, two kilograms dissolved in two weeks. I like the taste too.

  19. Laurita

    Helps develop healthier habits, diversify your food🥣
    I am very satisfied with the energy blend, I use it in the morning – with oats, fruits, my favorite almond milk. I also enjoyed mixing in Greek yogurt! 💡

    I am happy and eat delicious🥰


  20. Dovydas

    I use it before workouts, I really feel more energy during it and just one smoothie keeps me full during it.

  21. Rokas

    Delicious! Especially good for the morning, I felt a greater sense of satiety and had more energy.

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(21 customer reviews)
Easy to use
to use
Created by nutritionist
Created by nutritionist
Only natural ingredients
Only natural ingredients
100% vegan
No added sugar
No added sugar
No artificial additives
No artificial additives
Gluten & Dairy Free
Gluten & Dairy Free

What are the properties of this bundle?

The importance of protein

Hemp seed protein is a source of plant based protein and that is needed for the production and reconstruction of body tissues. The right amount of protein in our diet is crucial for our mood, because certain amino acids in proteins, help the production of neurotransmitters in our brain.

Compared to other protein powders, hemp seed protein has more fiber, thas is important to our digestive system, sugar regulation, helps to maintain energy levels and allows us to feel full longer after a meal. Hemp protein also has more fatty acids, including a balanced level of between Omega 6 and Omega 3.


Rich in potassium

Banana powder is a source of potassium, and this mineral is especially important for active people and those who care about their heart health. Potassium is mostly found in fruits and vegetables, but if they are not abundant in our diet, we may start to lack it, especially if we exercise actively.


Source of antioxidants

Cocoa powder is a source of antioxidants that are beneficial to our heart, immune system, and brain due to its high content of polyphenols.

Ceylon cinnamon is a great antioxidant that is needed to reduce the oxidative stress we experience constantly.

Boosts our mood and energy

Cocoa powder – studies have found that higher cocoa consumption is associated with better mood.Source

Maca powder has useful properties for regulating and improving mood. Source

This spice is often used to balance our hormone levels and has energy-boosting properties. Source

Balances sugar levels

Cocoa powder is useful for weight control, as it helps to balance sugar, metabolize carbohydrates and fats. Source

Ceylon cinnamon helps to balance the level of sugar in the body, which is useful if you feel a greater need for sweets. Source

How to use?

This blend tastes like chocolate and cinnamon, so it can be easily incorporated into your routine by adding it to porridge, yoghurt, smoothie or just mixing it with plant-based milk.

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By choosing the Active bundle, which includes Immune system, Energy and Gut bliss blends, you will receive 80 servings of nutritious superfoods 10% cheaper. Daily Spoon blends can be used together and rotated daily based on your needs.

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